Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Friday!

A change does a body/house good!
I decided to change out some things around the house this week and it all started with these lamps! Aren't they just darling?!
Check out the legs on this baby (whistle)! hahaha
Coach=Happiness! ~Happy weekend everybody~


Teri Berrios said...

YES....those lamps are darling.....the legs are amazing (but that picture is priceless) and as to COACH....yeah that = happiness :) Hugs, T

Dayami said...

Lori, my sweets! Yes, this is all happiness!! I am a purse girl and I LOVE Coach so I get ya! :)
Lori, I replied to your email, I sent u a loongggg one myself, I think it was Friday or Saturday. Check your spam, let me know if you got it.
Hugs ;)

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